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Rebecca Blaker, affectionately known by her students as 'Bendy Bex’ is the founder of Yoga 319 - an online platform & hot yoga studio that uses yoga-inspired movement and mindfulness to help busy and active individuals to calm the mind whilst strengthening the body. 


With a degree in finance, Rebecca spent the earlier part of her career working long hours in the city; enduring high levels of mental stress during the day, then piling on physical stress in the evening, with gruelling workouts or long distance running. After the sudden death of her father coupled with the fast approach of a milestone birthday, something had to give and this led to a re-evaluation of the direction Rebecca wanted to take in life.


Having always been an ardent ‘gym bunny’ it seemed a natural step to train as a PT and start a fitness business. ‘Bespoke Bodies’ was born; a training space and technique designed to appeal to people who felt intimidated or bored by the traditional gym environment. After helping a wide variety of individuals over a number of years, Rebecca discovered that it was more often than not diet and mindset that held people back from achieving their goals and so she completed further qualifications in nutrition and life coaching.


Contrary to belief Rebecca used to despise yoga! She found it dull, frustrating, a bit ‘out there’ and cult-like at times.  It wasn’t until she stumbled across a teacher she could relate to and an environment she loved (a hot sweaty tent!) that the flip switched, and true to form, she was quickly addicted! With no hot yoga studios in the area she saw an opportunity to create something special, and in March 2019, Yoga 319 came to life. Fast forward 12 months to March 2020, with waiting lists for every class, the studio, of course, had to close its doors. What next?! Well… 24 hours of tears and despair, but then the discovery of Zoom and Yoga 319 Online was in business. 


Off the mat Rebecca is far from what you might consider to be a ‘typical yogi’, a competitive golfer by day and a disco dancer by night, Rebecca likes to work hard but play harder. Married to the ever calm and patient Daren, the Yin to her Yang, the couple enjoy nothing more than exploring foreign lands together, always packing hiking boots, golf clubs and yoga mats, this pair rarely sit still! When not in the UK they are most likely found in Ibiza, clambering down cliff faces to find secret swimming spots or sampling sushi and sangria at the beach clubs.


Rebecca wants to be the teacher that ‘flips the switch’ for others like her; busy, active individuals who haven’t quite found their perfect fit with yoga yet. She has trained in Hatha, Vinyasa, Mandala and Hot yoga and enjoys bringing elements of strength, fitness and above all, creativity to her classes. Yoga 319 uses mindful movement and dynamic flow to bring a sense of peace and calm to a frantic mind.


You can follow what Rebecca (and Daren!) get up to on and off the mat @bex_blaker on Instagram or Facebook.

“From the brand spanking new & hygienic studio to Rebecca’s knowledge, passion & teachings, the whole experience is a win win. I learnt new ways to hold positions with greater endurance that I was not shown in other yoga classes and I came away detoxed and full of fresh energy. Also Rebecca brings her energy into the room so the class was natural, straight talking, no judgement with the more challenging poses and fun. It really is super having this class in such a great location with effortless parking!”


"Can highly recommend Rebecca and Hot Yoga 319. I was dubious about the heat, as I'm one of those people who often feels a bit faint in high temperatures!! However, I was very pleasantly surprised and now totally get the benefits of hot yoga. You come away feeling like you've really achieved a great work out and you'll sweat more than you have in years haha, great for clearing those pores!!!

Rebecca is a fantastic teacher who takes the time to make sure you're holding the poses correctly and she also pushes you to try new ones which I really like... I felt I'd made real progress.

Can highly recommend these classes to anyone looking for a regular yoga practice!"


"I totally recommend Yoga 319 with Rebecca. Rebecca is so lovely, welcoming and calm, she clearly instructs how to move into each pose throughout the entire class. This makes it easy to follow without having to keep looking up. The room is cosy, clean and high quality. Its great that the group size is small making it a more personal experience. I just love the head massage with essential oils at the end, it makes me feel so calm and relaxed.

The heat enables me to stretch further than I usually can which my muscles really appreciate as I train hard during the week. Since doing hot yoga I have noticed reduced muscles soreness after training. It’s also the perfect mindfulness treat for me each week."


"I had never been to a hot yoga class before I started at yoga 319 and was apprehensive to start but I can honestly say that it’s now the best part of my day, I love it! Rebecca is a very good teacher and so knowledgeable in the field so she always gives us a few variations on the yoga poses so I can always push myself a little more if I choose too. The heat makes me feel I’ve had a good detox/cleanse and my body and mind feel amazing!! Definitely recommend."